V.F.W. Post 1500

Help the Post as much as possible please.

There are many ways you can help the Post in these very lean times.  Volunteering your help to do yard care, snow removal, fish fry, bringing friends in to just relax or eat at the fish fry, cleaning all the toilets, and then the canteen is in need of many items at any given time such as:bar straws, napkins, cleaning items(toilet bowl cleaner, cleanser, Dawn dish soap, bleach,etc.), unopened bottles of liquor or wine, 12 or 14 oz. plastic clear cups, anything that you have seen lacking on our shelves.  Right now the Post is struggling to get repair on the air conditioning in the canteen also.  So as you can see it does take all of us to make this post work and keep working.  Any suggestions or comments feel free to express them.